This website is dedicated to CLAP. CLAP is a new protocol for communication among Texas Instruments z80 calculators of different types. It can also be implemented in hardware like a robot, a PDA, a computer or anything that has a processor and the ability to be linked to a calculator.

The purpose of CLAP is to make life easier than it is at present. With this protocol, it should be just as easy to link between different calculator models as it is to link between similar models. CLAP is an open protocol that anyone can use, and the only protocol for calculators to allow peer-to-peer networking.

To read more about the goals of CLAP, you can go here.
If you'd like a peak into the future of calculator networking, click here.
For discussion or advice concerning CLAP, please visit the forum (down as of 2012).
Also, check out the video!

The CLAP and this website and it's components are copyright Timendus, 2005