Bell v0.2 manual

Binary data Exchange Link Library

History and bugs

Things it can do

Version 0.1
  • Set up a connection between two calculators, uniquely identifying the two and checking if they are running the same program
  • Swap a byte without the user having to worry about who goes first
  • Send data from one calculator to another in the form of a byte, a block of data (max 255 bytes) or a large block of data (max 65535 bytes)
  • Autodetect the calculator model you're compiling for (currently Ti-83 and Ti-83+ series are supported and tested for, Ti-84 "should work" but I don't have a rom image for it) and configure it's hardware control routines to match at compile time
  • Alert the coder about errors by always returning a status flag in z (nz is always an indication that an error has occured)
  • Be compiled with your requirements only (by commenting what you don't need)
  • Use a user-definable timeout duration (you can even turn the feature off)
  • Output the selected hardware type (or an error if it wasn't able to detect it) and the number of bytes that the library takes up in your program to the compiler output
Version 0.2
  • Send or receive zero terminated strings
  • Swap datablocks and strings
  • Compile for Ti-82

Things it can't do yet

Things it will never be able to do

Known bugs and errors

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